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Name : OraCane
Description : Cane Management System
Platform : VB, VB.NET
Back End : Open (Default, oracle 10g)
Application : Customisable

Introduction to OraCane – Cane Management System
OraCane is a one of the important module of K2 that is designed for Sugar Cane. It is designed as a self-contained and well-defined module for supporting the complete functionality of Cane Management in a Sugar Mill. OraCane is a well tested module running successfully in major Sugar Mills in India since 1999. The main advantage offered by OraCane is the fast performance and large throughput that is offered by it within no time despite of the large distance covered by it. These features are highly appreciated and certified by all the clients who have experienced the working of the software in sugar environment. The other main advantage of the software is its reliability and high level of automation. OraCane is interfaced with the users and farmers. The failure of the system or slow speed may lead to a loss in lakhs of Rupees to the factory per hour. In spite of all these critical situations and risks, major Sugar Mills have accepted and approved the software worth, mainly because of its reliability and accuracy. This software provides the full-fledged features for performing Cane Department functioning in an effective and efficient manner in all its processes like Survey, Bonding, Calendaring (according to the policies defined by the Government, Factory and Society), Indenting, weighment with mans as well as man less, Payment processing and so on. Along with all the above functionalities, additional sub-modules are also designed in accordance of other processes that are undergone by the Cane Department like, Transporter Management, Labour Management, and Loan Management with full integration of its parent module of ERP i.e. OraFA. One special feature that is the core part of the software is the Man-Less Weighment Process of Sugarcane using Magnetic Card Technology thereby eliminating the need of a Weighment Clerk. Other than Man-Less Weighment we have Control@SMS and Info@SMS. These are the latest features available in the field of Cane Computerization and we are proud to be its pioneers. The kudos goes to the Technical Head of the Acme Team and none other than Sy. Ali Raza, the managing director too of the company.. It is his mind and idea that lead to the innovation of such a concept and added a great pride in the history of Acme Softech Pvt Ltd.
OraCane Scope 
The scope of this module contains the following sub-modules:
  • Survey
  • Calendaring
  • Indenting
  • Weighment – Manual, Man Less Weighment
  • Security
  • Bank Payment
  • Reports
  • IVR
  • SMS Control
  • Post-Season Activities
» Cane Development
  • Seed Distribution
  • Urea/Fertilizer/Pesticides etc. Distribution
» Survey
  • Farmer entry for Survey
  • Survey Entry Form
  • Transfer area for Calendar
  • Cane Development Report
  • Area Check-List
  • Besides these, additional reports can be added as required
» Calendaring
  • Customizable Calendar with high security. This excellent feature allows Calendar modification at the user-end without requiring any support from our engineers and also without compromising on security in any way.
  • Auto calendaring on farmer modification. This feature results in the saving of time because no further Re-Calendaring is required after any farmer’s details are altered
  • Bond Calculation and Bonding Report
  • Printing Calendar
  • Modifying unprinted/deposited Purchies
» Indenting
  • Combined indent processing and printing is another time-saving feature available in our software
  • Indent Entry and Processing
  • Issue Special Purchies
  • Maintaining Dispatch Register
  • Printing Indent List/Slip
» Weighment
  • Manual as well as Man-Less Weighment
  • Man Less Weighment of Sugarcane using Magnetic Card Technology thereby eliminating the need of a Weighment Clerk. This is the latest feature available in the field of Cane Computerization and we are proud to be its pioneers.
  • Auto-Voice announcement of the quantity of Cane weighed and other information necessary to inform to growers at the weighbridge. This is the latest feature available in the field of Cane Computerization pioneered by us
  • Weighing the gross and the tare weights of the vehicles bringing cane to the factory.
  • Token management
  • Bad cane marking
» Security
  • The software provides Multi-layered security. The first layer of security is applied at the front-end i.e. user-role accessibility as defined by the administrator. The security is completely foolproof due to encryption
  • Technique designed by us. The second layer comes into play at the back-end i.e. RDBMS level and finally at the front end security i.e. software password
  • The software provides further security by maintaining user-wise modification history for most of the important modifications carried out by the users such as Farmer modification, Purchie-Cancellation etc
  • Security can be further enhanced by keeping a snap-shot of the weighment through a digital camera for the purpose of monitoring the weighment activity at any point of time. This feature can be activated on demand.
  • All important modifications and entries record the user code so that any transaction can be traced out for any specific user.
  • All entries are made after proper validation. For instance Farmer code is validated against Society Purchie number at the time of Purchie feeding. This restricts the entry of wrong Farmer code or Society Purchie Number
» Bank Payment
  • Cane expenses and cane cost are automatically updated by the Cane software in the financial accounting module, thus ensuring up-to-date accounting data. All the associated fiscal books are automatically updated.
  • Payment Ledger is maintained.
  • Bank-Advice
  • Bank-wise Summary
  • Loan management
  • Village-wise Payment Details
» Reports
  • A wide range of reports are readily available and can further be enhanced as per requirement. Some are as follows:

    1. Farmer Reports
    2. Cane Accounting Reports
    3. Centre and Date-wise Reports
    4. Village-wise Reports
    5. Dries Reports: Centre/Clerk wise
    6. Daily Cane Purchase and Cane Price Report/Summary.
    7. Zone Enquiry

And so forth.

By maintaining Mill-Purchie book Centre-wise and clerk-wise, the system keeps the record of missing Mill Purchies and restricts the user from feeding incorrect Mill Purchies.

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